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Black Bear Creek  Born 7/4/10

 Check out the Creek's puppies on the past puppies page for the latest pictures and updates on these amazing mals!!
     We are so happy to add Creek to our breeding program.  She is a closed face, very wooly giant alaskan malamute!!  Her parents are both giant woolies and produce dark mahogany reds as well as black and whites.  Her pups should have very deep masks just like her,  look for more info and pictures to come.    
    She is an extraordinary black and white wooly malamute, a true giant! With her rare markings and wooly coat she will produce the most sought after giant wooly malamutes available.  At 1 1/2 years old Creek weighs over 90lbs.

1 week old below

6 weeks

8 Weeks old

11 weeks old


 Creek Oct. 2010
 She is getting ready to talk back....she is definitely our talker!!

 She is definitely a head turner!!!

Cider and Creek playing in the snow

Jan 2011

Feb. 2011

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