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Wakon's Mukki Arctic Star   Born 6-17-10

This is Mukki .  We got her directly from Wakon kennels and expect this huge girl to reach 150lbs.  She has a huge head, paws and legs.  Mukki is seal in color with perfect markings. We are very excited to watch this beautiful giant alaskan malamute grow.   Mukki is all m'loot, reminds us of Yukon. Look out when these two giants breed.  She is one huge girl, Not even a year and a half old she is 140lbs. She is going to be one of the biggest females around.

8 weeks old below
Look at those paws


3 1/2 months old 45lbs  look at those paws!!!!!

September 2010

October 2010

Getting her dark winter coat!!
Dec. 2010

Mukki 1 1/2 old 141lbs (vet scale), in her summer coat

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