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Delta Eclipse

Harvest Moon's Delta Eclipse is from our very own Mukki. She is 2 years old and is well over 160lbs. She has it all, looks,size, and that huge blocky head. We are expecting her to surpass her Mother Mukki. She is everything that the old Wakon Malamute lines used to be, and that everybody wants. She had her 1st litter and these puppies are all head turners. She is a true m'loot giant girl. Trapper and Eclipse had pups in her last litter that weighed 30lbs at 8 weeks old.

Eclipse at just 8 months and 130lbs, she is absolutely huge

Trapper and Eclipse pups at 8 weeks old. Look at those Blocky heads

Just 6 months old and an absolute MONSTER

9 weeks old

Trapper and Eclipse pup at just 11 weeks old. Already bigger than the full grown Husky behind him.

Trapper and Eclipse pup, 8 weeks old and 30lbs. HUGE