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Another Maple and Trapper pup, 4 months old.

Trapper and Maple pup just 4 months old. Nice and dark red like mamma Maple

We are extremely excited to add Maple to our program.  She is everything we were looking for in a new pup. Maple is a huge Dark Red Mahogany and is a Wooly. She is truly one of the most beautiful pups we have ever seen.  She is from our very own YUKON and CREEK.  Her deep mask and strong build are going to be passed down to her pups. She is just 2 years old and is over 130lbs. Maple still has a lot of growing to do.  Keep checking back for new pictures of this big girl as she grows. Maple has had a litter of puppies that were just breath taking. look below for some of her past pups.

Trapper and Maples litter at just 6 weeks old.

Red Maple at over a year old, darkest reds you will ever see.

 Red Maple

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Maple 10 months old. She is absolutely gorgeous.

Maple and Trapper Puppy just 3 Months old and stunning.

Maple 11 months old, in her summer coat next to a full grown St.Bernard.

Red Maple at just 10 months old.

Trapper and Maple pup, just 4 months old. This pairing is incredible.