Be on the look out for Cider's future puppies! This is one of Ciders past female pups Winter. She is gorgeous just like her mamma.

June 2013

Garnet past Cider female puppy


March 2011

2.5 months below

July 2011

Another Cider pup..Just 3 months old

7 weeks old below

Dec 2011

9 months old below....she is going to be one dark girl!!

Cider is a deep mahogany red giant malamute, longer than standard coat, with a full mask with a bar and goggles.  At 5 years old she weight over 130lbs,andis as thick as a tank.
    Her Dark Red Mahogany coat gets passed down to almost all of her pups, and are some of the most sought after pups around. Paired with Yukon or our new upcoming males at harvest moon, they will throw some of the darkest mahogany red malamute puppies available anywhere!  Her bloodlines include Wakon, Towbar,  and Moonridge.
    Cider is the most playful, lovable puppy ever!  She has turned into our sweetest dog ever, she loves to cuddle and just loves the attention!  She loves to race around and fall at your feet for a tummy rub and her kisses are never ending.  Her litter are very popular and have long waiting lists, so if you are interested in one of her future pups, feel free to give us a call

Yukon and Cider Pups


That is one muddy girl!!!!!

(Retired) Cider  Born 1/27/2010

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