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Lakota is just 1 year old in this picture and 100lbs. Just to show you how big Yukon is, he is only 9 months old!!! here and is an absolute MONSTER

Dark Mahogany red pup from Muskoka. 6 weeks old

RED MAPLE and Trapper pup 4 Months old 


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Trapper at just 2 years old and already 165lbs 

Home of Gentle Giant Alaskan Malamute Puppies

Creek's past pup at 3 years old and 167lbs. Huge boy.

Cider and Yukon's 2nd litter 6 weeks old

Mukki is a 167lb female and just great bone to this beautiful girl. Her daughter Eclipse is even bigger. Check out her page on the list above.

180lbs of the sweetest malamute. Moses peak is huge

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When you buy your Harvest Moon Giant malamute you will not be    disappointed.   
After your first dog from us you may become addicted  !!!!

Trapper is giving Mom lots of Love. He was just a year old here and still has lots of growing to do. We are very excited to have him in our Harvest Moon family.

Trapper and Maples litter at 6 weeks old.

RED MAPLE and Trapper pup 4 Months old 

Welcome to Harvest Moon Malamutes!!

Here at Harvest Moon Malamutes you will find truly some of the biggest sweetest and healthiest malamute puppies around. There are a lot of people who claim to have 200lb plus malamutes. This is just an absolute lie. Every other honest breeder will agree that 170lbs is a huge malamute and very rare, but is the top end of  how big they get. We take all our pictures with our dogs next to people and objects so you can get the actual size of our huge dogs. Anybody can claim they have a so called 200lb dog when they take a picture of a dog next to a tiny person or in an open field and their dog is just very hairy and can decieve a person when they are not as familiar with the breed. At Harvest Moon Malamutes Health and Temperment come first, but we cant lie and tell you that we do not strive for the huge, big blocky headed, deep chested, freight hauling mals. With each breeding we strive to improve this magnificent dog. If you get a Harvest Moon Malamute you will have a healthy sweet crowd stopping family member. Look no further then us for the best Giant Alaskan Malamute puppies.

At Harvest Moon Malamutes we are a small, family run breeding program striving to produce some of the best m'loot giant alaskan malamute lines available today.  We are not a puppy mill and our females will only be bred once a year.  Our mals have some of the most sought after bloodlines and colors that can be found.  We take pride in raising our mals with the best diet to help them grow to their full potential as well as socializing them and showing them unconditional love!!  They are working dogs and are always active whether it's sledding in the winter or walkng and running with us all year round.  Their weights reflect what great shape they are in and we do not inflate them like other breeders may do.  Our mals are true giant weight and we do not pack on the pounds just to make them weigh more.  Our mals are probably some of the most spoiled and loved mals ever and we love that we can share their wonderful, infectious love and personality with others.  All of our mals are purebred AKC registered and are and pass all health clearances when they are of age. 

    We are starting this program to keep the
m'loot lines, and the giant alaskan malamute breed itself, around for generations to come.  Another reason for the program is to keep our own mals lines going.  Each malamute is so distinctly amazing and different and they all have a place in our family.  We want to pass along their giant alaskan malamute lines in their puppies so you can enjoy them as much as we do!  We are so excited to share our precious, wonderful mals with you and we thank you for taking the time to look through our site and see just how wonderful they really are.  We only have the best and we want you to have the best too!!   We do not allow our pups to be bred.

Trapper and Muskoka pup 7 weeks old

Yukon is Huge....My sister is dramatic 

Muskoka is so Majestic



Nikita is a puppy from Yukon and Cider. She is 140lbs and just the sweetest girl around.

We are proud to announce we are expanding our breeding program, and are adding more Beautiful Huge M'loot Mals to our family. We strive to produce the healthiest,strongest and well tempered M'Loot lines available today. There are a lot of people out there that are destroying these legendary old lines and we seek to preserve and better them.
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