10 month old pup pictured above with his summer coat. Lots of growing still to do.

Lakota 1 year and Creek 8 weeks

 Our alaskan malamutes are a huge part of our family.  We have the best bloodlines around.  Our Mals have the sweetest Temperment, you can ask anyone of our past customers and they will surely verify that. Our bloodlines are the most sought after, and once you get a pup you will see why. Huge,beautiful, loving, and healthy mals are what you will get here at Harvest Moon. 
     You can't have just one!!

Our mals are on a diet that consists of high quality natural dry food with no fillers as well as raw venison.  All of our mals are listed at their actual weight, we do not inflate weights as some breeders may.  They are all in top physical health and fit and trim and not overweight.  
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Mukki Fall 2011

Cider 7 months and Lakota 1 year

Pups at 10 months 

Our Mals

October 2010

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