Red Maple (Retired)

​Mukki is one of the biggest females ever. weighing in at 173lbs and the head of a grizzly bear. Her lines are carried on through her daughter Eclipse and Grand daughter Autumn Pumpkin. The Greatest line of Giant Malamutes around.

Yukon is part of our foundation stock. He is 34 inchs at the withers and weighs in at 180lbs. Highly thought after lines that are now carried on by our Moose. 

Cider is a deep mahogany red giant malamute, longer than standard coat, with a full mask
    Cider is the most playful, lovable puppy ever!  She has turned into our sweetest dog ever, she loves to cuddle and just loves the attention!  She loves to race around and fall at your feet for a tummy rub and her kisses are never ending.  

Past Red Maple Pup

Yukon and Cider Pups

Yukon (retired)

Black Bear Creek (retired)

Delta Eclipse

Mukki (retired)


Past Eclipse pup just 11 months old

(Retired) Cider 

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