Garnet from Yukon/Cider she is over 140lbs. She is 1 year old here.

Trapper and Muskoka pups 7 weeks old

CIDER (retired) and Lakota are best friends. We never bred Lakota,she was just a great Motherly dog to our pack. 
Cider had a couple gorgeous litters of pups with Yukon. Her pups are in many homes across the country and making families smile everyday.

Creek pup

CREEK (Retired)

Past Puppies

Retired Malamutes

Bear, now Koda, at 1 year old loves his pet horse lol

Raven on the left at 10 months old next to a 5 year old male standard malamute the family already owned

Cider/Yukon Pups 6 weeks old

Moose now Boomer, at 1 year old

Past Pups

Creek Pup

Creek Pup


Cider Pup

Timber at 3 years old, 167lbs Big and Beautiful

Trapper and Eclipse pups at 8 weeks old and 30lbs. absolutely HUGE

Nikita from Yukon and Cider at 1 year old, she is now over 130lbs.


MUKKI monstrous lines are still with us in her daughter Delta Eclipse and Granddaughter Autumn Pumpkin

River at 6 months old from Creek/Yukon

Yukon/Creek girl only 10 months old

YUKON (Retired)

Yukon is the face of Harvest Moon Malamutes. He has had such beautiful litters and his lines are carried on with his daughter Red Maple.

Yukon/Creek 4 months old

Trapper and Eclipse pups at 4 weeks old.

above is a picture of Red Maple and Trapper pups at 6 weeks old. Quite the variety in this litter.


Cider/Yukon girl


Muskoka and Trapper pup at 7 weeks old.Beautiful big Wooly boy.


4 Months old from Trapper and Maple. They do not get darker red than this.

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