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This gorgeous Boy is from the legendary malamute bloodlines. Trapper is built like a tank, and is going to add the deep chest and blocky heads that is highly desirable in a giant Mloot malamute. He is a beautiful Dark wolf gray and will make some of the most sought after pups around. Trapper is 165lbs at just 2 years old. He still has a lot of filling out to do and will reach close to 180lbs as he matures, Look for more picture and information soon. Look at the size of his paws at just 8 weeks old.  This Monster boy is pure Mloot Malamute.

Trapper and Maple pups at 6 weeks old. Trapper throws lots of different colors in his litters.

6 months

9 Months

Trapper's Father

8 weeks old

Trapper 8 months old next to Muskoka


Trapper at just 13 months old and 140lbs, just wait till he fills out!

Trapper hogging the bed


9 Months

Trapper's Mother
Trapper's Paws at 8 weeks old.  HUGE

Trapper 8 months old waking me up.