Pictures do not do Moose justice 180lbs

We are extremely excited to add Moose to our program.  He is everything we were looking for in a new pup. Moose is carrying on the genes of our Mighty Yukon and is turning out to be even more Impressive.  He is Just over 2 years old now and is weighing in at already 175lbs and still has plenty of growing still to do.  He is 35inches at the withers and has a Massive Blocky head and deep chest. A supurb M.loot Malamute. More pictures to come shortly.

Moose at 185lbs.

 Northern Woodland Moose

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A past pup with the same brilliant red genes as Moose.

Trapper and Maple pup, just 4 months old. This pairing is incredible.

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